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developing games.

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About us

We enjoy developing games since 2014.

We prioritize a supportive team spirit.

We're based in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Our skills

Original Videogames

Each project serves as a learning opportunity and a chance to challenge ourselves to deliver high-quality, engaging experiences for our players.

For Hire

From production and design to engineering and Live Ops, our team excels in all facets of the process. Let us handle the creative process of your game.

Staff Augmentation

We recruit top talent and seamlessly integrate them into your team. From engineers to designers, we handle the hiring process and payroll logistics.

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Our projects

Ícono de Arena Allstars

A real-time, turn-based strategy game where you can compete against up to seven opponents. Choose between quick Team Co-Op Mode or a solo adventure, defeat bosses, level up champions, and strive for victory.

Ícono de Call Of Duty Heroes

Lead an army of soldiers to destroy enemy bases. Heroes have unique abilities and killstreaks, while Units can be positioned strategically. Building and protecting the base requires resources like Gold, Oil, and shields.

Ícono de Call of Duty Siege

Combines strategy and card game mechanics, featuring base-storming with inverted tower defense elements. Utilize special ability cards to intervene as summoned units aim for the objective. Build offensive and defensive decks, in single-player and multiplayer battles.

Ícono de Galaxy Factions

A thrilling 3D Sci-Fi strategy game, you expand your space station into a formidable fortress. Recruit Heroes, gather resources, and forge alliances to conquer foes, but watch out for potential betrayals.

Ícono de Monster Metrópolis

Embark on a journey to construct and safeguard your sprawling city from colossal monsters with the help of your own mighty creatures in this dynamic strategy and action game.

Ícono de Kaizen

An epic world of conflict and power struggles. Warriors from different eras and factions battle for supremacy, combining magic, technology, and influence in this thrilling arena.

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Our games

LocoSoccer 2 icon

The ultimate crazy fast-paced physics-based casual football game that you can play everywhere with anybody or against anybody. Now available co-op & up to 10 players.

Wave Rider logo

A fast racing game where gravity-defying machines meet at the finish line to return control to a virtual world. Race through many bending roads, make waves with your to gain power, and boost to the end before the timer reaches zero.

LocoSoccer Classic logo

LocoSoccer is a fun, crazy physics-based soccer game where you must do a lot of goals to win cups and accesories for your team. Your objective is easy: win all cups with your goals. How awesome is that?