Our team

Currently we're a small group, with people that love playing and making videogames.

Nicolas (nicolas)
Startreming's founder. Lead programmer.
Programming since I was 9 years old. Discovered Flash in 2012 and started making videogames.
Sabrina (sabrina)
Spanish-English Translator.
Been studying english since I was 9 years old; language-lover and translator. Love books and cats.
Nicolas (nicolobos77)
3D Modeler. Programmer.
Jorge (kronos)
Web Maintenance.
Jack (degenerate94)
Voice Actor.
Eduard (raeldor)
Artist. Pixel Artist. Musician.
I'm a guy who likes videogames since I can remember.
Aaron (acemantra)
Been making music for 12 years and still learning.
Rily (rilyrobo)
3D Modeler. 3D Animator. Artist.
Jimmy (lemurlord)
Voice Actor.
Niko (symfox)
Been doing music production since May 2017. People say I'm good, so I'm just proceeding my journey.
Adam (electronox)
Making music is a hobby of mine, and I hope that one day I can professionally make music for video games.
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