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Currently we're a small group, with people that love games and for our games. Every member has his own blog as a reward!

Nicolas (nicolas)
Startreming's founder. Lead programmer.
Programming since I was 9 years old. Discovered Flash in 2012 and started making videogames.
Sabrina (sabrina)
Spanish-English Translator.
Been studying english since I was 9 years old; language-lover and translator. Love books and cats.
Nicolas (nicolobos77)
3D Modeler. Programmer.
Jorge (kronos)
Web Maintenance.
Jack (degenerate94)
Voice Actor.
Eduard (raeldor)
Artist. Pixel Artist. Musician.
I'm a guy who likes videogames since I can remember.
Aaron (acemantra)
Rily (rilyrobo)
3D Modeler. 3D Animator. Artist.
Jimmy (lemurlord)
Voice Actor.
You (you)
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