After three days working on it, I have realized I'm not moving forward developing Insert Paper. And the worst thing is that I'm not close to release, yet.

Here I explain why.

This room is one of the reasons.

Right after I published the trailer, I went on vacations. We published the store page which can be found here.

Everything was awesome and looking good. The game was pretty close to release, and I was excited.

Then, I received some reviews about the trailer and the one that made me think was... "how long is the game?". Well, probably 30 minutes? You just have to put 5 correct papers and you will get very close to the ending.

I was a bit worried and I spent some days thinking how to improve the game's length. Also I was worried that it might get boring after a while.

I usually spend a lot of time working in the details and polishing everything.

One day, talking to Noximus, one of Insert Paper's music producers, I decided that I had to change the whole gameplay cycle. Instead of just grabbing a paper, editing and inserting, I wanted a pause.

That "pause" is going to make the game much better. Also the gameplay progression, easy in the beggining but slowly becoming harder.

But that isn't the only thing that is going to delay the game a few weeks. The details, like secrets and hidden gameplay features, are going to take some time as well.

Room design is also a new "procedural" feature.

Anyway! I haven't set a release date, but I'm sure the game will be published in August.
(this article also works as an excuse to show some new pictures)