My game plans

1 year agoNicolas
Hey people.
I have some game plans for the future, at least for the rest of 2017.

After publishing Insert Paper, probably in the first weeks of August, I'm going to continue developing games.

As you might know, it's been 3 months that Antifector got Greenlit and it hasn't been published. This is because we're going to fully remake the game in Unity 5. The original game was made in Unity 4, which is pretty old and it doesn't look great like I have in mind.

Also, I'm going to work with the new additions, mainly with Niko in the music.

Fathomless is also on the works, but that one is far behind.
For this game, I want it to be very cool. Doesn't have to be another horror game, so we have to polish the light-based gameplay and the atmosphere. But we'll need budget for that, and yeah, time.

Right now, I'm just thinking about Insert Paper, polishing story mode, graphics and gameplay progression.

Also, I have more plans for Insert Paper, but I'll wait for release to tell.
1 year ago
Nice dude, keep working! Good luck :)