As the title states, I am going away for 12 days on the 2nd of August. I have finished all my songs required of me. I honestly hope everyone enjoys the music I have made, and I also hope that people like it when playing Insert Paper!

To Nicolas, the leader, I truly hope you get the game done in time, and that you are pleased with the outcome of my music, and the game in general!

Thanks for supporting me!
These following pictures have been taken from Chillwave_3s project file.

There was no point to this article, just wanted to post some pictures XD

I have just finished making the trailer music which was a very stressful ordeal. I only had a few hours to finish it :P Thanks to Ace I was able to make a good trailer song. I personally don't like it, but Nicolas seems to like it.
For some reason, Nicolas decided that my songs were going to be the canon themes of the game! I was very happy at that moment, but also kinda scared because I thought I had to do so much more work :P Even so, I do get more money now, which is VERY nice :P

Anyway, no current update on my music, only that "Chillwave_1" will no longer be heard on the in-game radio, and the song I am working on at the moment wont be either. Both of these songs are now canon songs.

New logo!

1 year agoAdam
The amazing Swf has made me a new logo! I love it, and am extremely thankful!
If you wish to contact her about her art, I would be happy to connect you to her (probably over discord)

Hello! This is just a test. I want to see how this system works and what it looks like.

If you want to ask me any questions about music, may that be how I make it or if you want to inquire about hiring me for your own game, feel free to email me at ""