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Startreming's story

2012 - Begginnings
Nicolas Manzanares publishes his first flash game under the name Emition on Newgrounds. Begining the journey that would eventually become Startreming. Over the next year, Nicolas honed his skills as a developer, and started to create new ideas for games. Soon it was recognized that Emition would need to bring on new talent to the team to make these ideas a reality.

2014 - Joining Forces
Nicolas finds and describes his ideas and passion for creating games to Daniel Vasquez, who joins forces with Nicholas under their new name, Startreming, to work on their first team creation, "LowcoBall", a physics based soccer game. Initial concepts for their later game, "Dream Eater" also begin to appear. After several pitfalls, the team's first Steam game was accepted and added to the Steam Greenlight Concepts category on December 31st, 2014. It was later published officially to the Steam Greenlight program on March 8th, 2015. Late June of that year, the game was renammed to "LocoSoccer". The game then passed Greenlight and was added to the Steam Marketplace on December 9th, 2015, an entire year later.

2016 - Dream Eater
Two years after LocoSoccer, the two guys started learning more about 3D. During the process, Nicolas, with Daniel's help, finally releases Dream Eater on Newgrounds. This time also marks the addition of new members to the Startreming team. Starting a new chapter in the studios life.

2017 - Insert Paper
In 2017, Daniel left and Nicolas took the control. After a rough start of the year, Startreming started making their second official game in June, Insert Paper. It was published on Steam in October 10th.