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Startreming's story

Back in 2012, before Startreming was even a thing, there was "Emition". It was an attempt of artist name for one guy, Nicolas Manzanares, who joined everyone together. First Emition game was a Flash game.

In 2014, came Daniel Vasquez, the first addition to the group, after Nicolas started looking for people for the game Dream Eater. Then, a friend of Nicolas suggested the name "Startreming" for the group. And it was accepted.

Startreming's first game was going to be Dream Eater, which got cancelled and then remade in Flash in 2016. You can play it here.

After some workarounds we finally started making LowcoBall, just two people trying to get a game on Steam. It was finally published on Greenlight Concepts on 2014, December 31st. A few months later, March 8th 2015, LowcoBall was published on Greenlight. Got accepted on July 7th, and finally published on Steam on December 9th. On June 28th, the game was renamed. You can get it here.

On December 2016, we published Dream Eater and met new people who joined Startreming.